Full automatic pallet loader

MK10 pallet loader

The pallet loader can palletise products from multiple production lines at the same time. It is fast and efficient, making it suitable for companies with a high production flow.

200 pallet layers per hour and 100 different pallet patterns can be stored

Can palletise EUR pallets, ½ pallets, ¼ pallets, and industrial pallets

The MK10 is modular and can be customised to fit its surroundings in the production hall

High-speed pallet loader

An MK10 pallet loader does not require much space. It is modular and different types of accessories can be chosen according to needs and the available space.


It is designed to fit the surroundings perfectly. Infeed and outfeed conveyors can be combined, angled, raised, and lowered in numerous ways. Various additional equipment can be purchased for the pallet loader, allowing us to meet customers' needs for efficient palletising.

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