We can palletise different products

What do you need to palletise

  • Many sensitive products are packed in plastic trays or plastic boxes before being palletised. This ensures that the goods are not compressed or otherwise damaged. Whether it is large or small trays, trays with bread or cakes, trays with vegetables or fruit, our machines can handle it.

  • Boxes can be many things. They can be tall or short, rectangular or square, flat or thick. Regardless, we have a machine that can palletise them in the desired pallet pattern.

  • Open boxes are typically provided with a loose lid to protect the products inside the box. The loose lids are often equipped with stacking notches, ensuring that the boxes are stacked perfectly on top of each other. The size and dimension of the box are irrelevant - our machines stack them straight and 100% accurately on the pallet.

  • Palletising tapered cans and plastic or metal buckets can be very difficult. Our pallet loader gently pushes the tapered buckets and cans onto the pallet - without "pulling them by the hair". This way, there is no risk of the buckets becoming misaligned or the lid coming off.

  • More than 22,000,000 newspapers are palletised daily on DAN Palletiser systems. Therefore, we can safely say that we are experts in designing palletising systems for the graphic world.

  • Our palletising machines stack SRS (Symmetrical Random Stacking) so precisely on the pallet that the pallet becomes completely stable and 100% straight. Whether it is plastic crates with bread products, vegetables, or refrigerated products such as meat and poultry, it doesn't matter - the machine places the crates straight on the pallet every time, and it can even check if the handles are properly positioned.

  • Our machines can palletise bags and sacks containing anything from flour and grains to bags and sacks of cement and wood pellets. What is important when palletising bags and sacks is that they are firm and manageable and not too loose.

  • Many different types of products are packaged in trays. Everything from mayonnaise to canned cat food and soft drinks and coco are packaged in trays before being palletised. Our machines can palletise everything without any problems - even if the trays are shrink-wrapped.

  • Bottles can be packaged and palletised in many ways. They can be packed in trays or crates before being palletised, and they can be palletised after being shrink-wrapped. Regardless of how they are packaged, when they need to be placed on the pallet, we have a machine and a solution that can handle the task.


With our simple and reliable machine, new pallet patterns can be easily programmed. One machine can handle both wooden and plastic pallets of sizes ¼, ½ and 1/1.


We meet individual customer requirements for palletising, including increased capacity, logistics, or high-volume production.


Our machines are designed by our experienced mechanical and electrical engineers. The control system for the palletiser is built and programmed by DAN Palletiser.


Being part of the BILA Group allows us to complement with additional options and expertise when it comes to finding automation solutions for new and existing customers.

Our de-palletising solution


At DAN Palletiser, we also offer de-palletising solutions designed to improve efficiency and streamline this crucial process

Palletising robots

Extensive experience and technical know-how

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