Automation and tradition


Palletising system to a whiskey distillery

The Old Bushmills Distillery has chosen to install a multi-palletiser from DAN Palletiser in their end-of-line production. In addition to the palletiser, there are also multiple conveyors and a transfer cart in the production line. We take pride in assisting the distillery with the palletising of the various types of whiskey bottles produced throughout the day. Our palletising system is designed to ensure efficient and precise handling of the products, aiding in the optimisation of the production process.

Manual work replaced

Better streamlining of production

Close cooperation

Increased output and efficient production


Manual and heavy labour, ensuring streamlining in production.


Fully automated multi-palletiser with conveyors and transfer cart.


Ensured efficient and precise handling of the products. 

Bushmills is currently undergoing a major expansion, including the construction of a new distillery and additional warehouses. Presently, there are already 28 warehouses at the Bushmills distillery.


The new distillery spans five floors, fully automated, and managed by a single operator.



”We always strive to implement the latest automation technologies in our production. When working with suppliers like DAN Palletiser, we consistently gain new knowledge. With their expertise, they can always assist us in optimising and streamlining the palletising process,” 



Roy Simpson, Continuous Improvement Manager, Bushmills



Roy Simpson has been with Bushmills for over 15 years, and has been involved in most of the collaboration with DAN Palletiser.


Over the years, there has been significant innovation in distillation, enabling the entire production process to become more automated. However, there has been no alteration to the traditional distillation methods. The traditions are still upheld, even as the process has transitioned to automation.


"The traditions and automation coexist seamlessly," says Roy.

What does automation do for their end of line production


DAN Palletiser's system has helped eliminate many manual lifts and handling of boxes containing bottles of whiskey in Bushmills' end-of-line production. Our automated solutions are designed to streamline and optimise the production process, allowing employees in the end-of-line production to focus on other tasks contributing to the process's success. By reducing the manual handling of heavy boxes and bottles, employees can avoid unnecessary physical work and instead dedicate their time and energy to tasks that add value to Bushmills.


The palletising system handles filled whiskey bottles from two different lines simultaneously, transporting them down to the palletiser. Subsequently, the fully palletised bottles are conveyed to a stretch wrapper and then proceed to high storage. The entire process is fully automated.



Collaboration DAN Palletiser


DAN Palletiser has been collaborating with Bushmills since the year 2000. It began with several visits to understand how a palletiser could integrate into their end-of-line production. In 2004, the multi-palletiser was installed along with additional conveyors and a transfer cart. The palletiser operates approximately five days a week in three shifts, significantly aiding in handling the numerous boxes of whiskey bottles.


Furthermore, DAN Palletiser provides ongoing maintenance services for the system, ensuring that the production is consistently operational, and Bushmills has the latest technologies in place. Despite the palletising system being over 19 years old, it operates like new. There is minimal downtime, and with regular replacement of old parts and system updates, it contributes significantly to production efficiency..


”There is always good support from DAN Palletiser and their team, and that's why we are already looking at upgrading our palletising system,”



Roy Simpson, Continuous Improvement Manager



We always strive to offer our customers the best possible support, allowing them to benefit from our solutions in the most efficient way. We highly value Bushmills' feedback and are delighted to be a reliable partner for the company. Our support team is always ready to assist, ensuring our customers receive the necessary help when they need it.

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