Pallet loader ensures efficient and palletising of gelatin annually


Increased production

& optimisation

GELITA in Sweden is satisfied with choosing Danish automation from DAN Palletiser to ensure efficient and precise palletising of several thousand tons of gelatin annually. The investment has increased GELITA's production capacity and optimised delivery time because the machine can load more pallets in a shorter time.

Improved working environment

Compliance with safety standards

Short implementation period

Increased production and optimised delivery time


Old pallet loader, where spare parts could no longer be obtained from a local supplier.


Fully automated palletising system - a complete solution.


Increased production capacity, better working environment and compliance with all safety standards.

A 30-year-old palletiser from a local supplier had reached its retirement age at the manufacturing company GELITA in the Skåne town of Klippan. Spare parts were no longer available for the palletiser, and there was room for improvement in terms of safety.


Therefore, the company was looking for a new and modern palletising solution: The requirements were many: It had to be compact in size, lightweight, flexible, and efficient for palletising bags of different sizes. And it should also meet good working conditions and comply with all safety standards.


While GELITA was screening the market and in contact with both Imeco and a Spanish supplier without finding what they were looking for, department manager Lars Jonsson at GELITA received a phone call. It was Simon Rune Sørensen, COO at DAN Palletiser, calling from Vemmelev, Zealand in Denmark. Now it turned out that GELITA had found exactly what they were looking for, says Project Manager Peter Stjerna:


”Simon Rune Sørensen put us in contact with a reference facility, so we could see another installation in Sweden. DAN Palletiser had very good references there."



"It meant something that it was other Swedes who had good experiences with the supplier, because we work differently and have different cultures and quality standards in each country."


Peter Stjerna, Project Manager, GELITA



DAN Palletiser stood out: They provided a complete solution and the price was on par with the others. They could ensure fast support both onsite and online. We were nervous about choosing a solution where technical support would have to be flown in from, for example, Italy or another European country. Especially during the corona period, it could have been inconvenient.”

More lean production layout


Next, DAN Palletiser started designing and building Gelita's solution in Vemmelev. The solution was constructed in a way that optimised space utilisation and gave GELITA a better and more lean layout and flow in the production area. The finished solution was FAT-tested and demonstrated live for GELITA via Teams and video, which DAN Palletiser sent to the customer. Fine-tuning, support, and additional programming after installation at GELITA happened flexibly online and via telephone.



”We have customers who have very high demands on the appearance of pallets, and the bags must absolutely not break during transportation. The FAT-test showed that we could deliver what we wanted, including changing bag patterns, if we should get new customers who want a different pattern,”


Lars Jonsson, Head of Department, GELITA



He also emphasises that GELITA has strengthened the working environment with the modern pallet loader because it is safer, more user-friendly and very quiet.

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