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Efficient palletising of Wasa Crispbread

The Barilla factory faced a challenge as the palletising on one of its production lines was done manually. Not only did the line incur significant maintenance costs, but the physical work environment for the employees was also far from optimal. Barilla aimed to change this while streamlining the production on that specific line. However, they sought a solution that wouldn't impact the other lines at the factory.

Fully automated Palletising

Installed and operational within one week

Handling Different Carton Sizes and Pallet Patterns

User-Friendly and Easy to Operate


Manual palletizing on one of the production lines led to numerous heavy lifts for employees.


In collaboration with DAN Palletiser, Barilla A/S connected the manual line to a fully automated palletizer.


The palletizer has streamlined production, eliminating heavy lifting for employees.

Today, manual pallet handling on the line is a thing of the past, replaced by a fully automated palletizing solution. The palletizing system, consisting of an MK1 palletizer with an accompanying pallet magazine and sheet feeder, is equipped with a CE-approved safety enclosure. It is positioned at the end of a conveyor belt, where it delicately handles the fragile packages of crispbread and places them on pallets.

”The entire system was tested with the original products before delivery, ensuring that the customer received a solution that worked optimally, not just on paper but also in practice."


Simon Rune Sørensen from DAN Palletiser



"We made sure that everything worked as intended and that the system could be easily and quickly reconfigured for other products by switching between the pre-programmed settings.” 


He highlights the high user-friendliness and great flexibility of the new system:


”The palletiser is very user-friendly and easy to operate, taking no more than 30 seconds for an employee to reconfigure the system from one pallet pattern to another.”


At Barilla, they are also enthusiastic about the palletizing system, which was installed and operational in the existing production environment within a week back in 2012. According to the management of the Wasa producer, it has been running flawlessly ever since:


“We have significantly reduced maintenance costs on the line, making them very low today. Our production and service departments are very satisfied with the installation from DAN Palletiser,”


Lars Åkerström, Project Mananger, Barilla

Different carton sizes and pallet patterns

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