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Lantmännen Cerealia - the Centre of Pasta in Sweden
Traditional layer palletisers boost pasta packing, palletising more than 22.500 tonnes of pasta every year.

Lantmännen is one of the largest groups within the food, energy and agriculture sectors in Scandinavia. Lantmännen is owned by 36.000 Swedish farmers, has over 10.000 employees, and a turnover of SEK 36 billion.

The Lantmännen Cerealia business area - with its well-known brands, such as Kungsörnen, AXA, Amo, Regal, Start, Gooh and GoGreen - is a market leader for pasta, breakfast cereals, muesli, granola, porridge oats, flour and baking mixes.

A highly flexible, fully automatic end-of-line palletising solution is among the packaging highlights at the Lantmännen Cerealia plant in Järna. The site produces 80.000 portions of pasta per hour.

The high speed palletising solution in Järna is based on two MK9 palletisers from DAN-Palletiser - one of the fastest palletisers worldwide, palletising up to 10 layers per minute.

63 cartons per minute from all seven lines
Lantmännen produces three kinds of cartons with pasta, which arrive from the production area to seven accumulating roller conveyors. The capacity is 63 cartons per minute, with five loadings per minute per machine, depending on the pallet pattern.


“We wanted a facility that could excel on a global scale due to the competition. We examined the best solutions and incorporated those into our facility”, says packaging engineer, Mattias Thyni, Lantmännen Cerealia.



The pallet sizes vary from Euro-Pallets (800 x 1200 mm) to ½ Euro-Pallets (800 x 600 mm), both types wooden or in plastic. If, in the future, the plant will need to run ¼ pallets the palletising system is prepared for this alteration.“Overlegen konstruktion, max fleksibilitet samt en ydeevne som kan blive endnu bedre – er en del af løsningen fra DAN-Palletiser”, siger packaging engineer, Mattias Thyni, Lantmännen Cerealia.

“Superior construction, maximum flexibility and upgradeable performance are a part of the solution from DAN-Palletiser”, says packaging engineer, Mattias Thyni, Lantmännen Cerealia.

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